CJ Fathers

CJ Fathers from Fairway Independent Mortgage in Puyallup, WA, is committed to taking great care of people who are looking to buy or refinance a home. CJ has been in the mortgage industry since 2009.

Time is the most precious commodity we have, CJ believes. He loves to spend time with family and puts a great deal of importance on the time they share together.

CJ has five wonderful kids, twin boys (the oldest), a daughter stuck in the middle, and two younger boys. He has been married to the same wonderful woman since 2000. Their family enjoys crabbing, clamming and boating. They also raise Olde English Bulldogges and have five of them at home.

Starting in the automotive industry as a financial advisor, CJ soon moved up through the ranks to become the finance director for Brent Brown Chevrolet in Provo, Utah. CJ believes that this advancement was due to his attention to detail and willingness to put the customer first. CJ was very excited about his job and the money that he was making. Isn’t that what it’s about? Providing for his family was his number one objective. CJ learned very quickly that this frame of mind came at a great cost. Long hours plus lots of money does not equal family time. CJ’s kids were growing up while he was away at work. He was missing everything! CJ’s wife actually used to call herself a single mom. Harsh? Yes, but in her eyes, true. This was a very hard reality. What’s the point of all the money if you don’t have time to share it? It was time for a change.

CJ chose a profession that played on his strengths of understanding finance, details, and superior customer service. This one also helped other families grasp hold of one of their biggest dreams . . .

Their HOME! Yes, CJ had decided to move to the mortgage industry. He fulfilled his education requirements and jumped in with both feet. It was financially challenging at first, but he had more time – a true asset! CJ wasn’t missing everything. He got to see the kids before school and spend dinner with them. He was going to wrestling matches and had holidays off to spend with them. Before, holidays were major sale days. His whole family was excited to spend time together. This was the balance that CJ was looking for.

So today, CJ Fathers continues to help families with their finances to help them buy their homes. This is one of the most important transactions in a family’s life, and he is happy to help them achieve it! Family is so important to CJ – whether it’s his or yours!